PrimeTech provides end-to-end solutions to meet the business requirements of enterprise-class customers. These solutions include pre-sales services aimed at tailoring the application to diverse user environments, and post-sales support designed to protect your investment. PrimeTech delivers the quality, manageability, and innovation you expect from a market leader of enterprise solutions. From enterprise resource planning to sales force automation to Supply Chain Management, PrimeTech offers you a portfolio of business solutions that help sharpen your competitive edge.

The new Prime Advantage 2200 is the ultimate enterprise server combining high performance and availability features critical to maximizing server uptime. Prime now introduces the latest Pentium III and P4 processor technology including the newest XEON processor to this enterprise server while maintaining the, high availability and investment protection features you have come to rely on. The new Prime Advantage 2200 is designed for demanding corporation that need mission critical performance. Prime incorporates RAID and dual redundant power supplies to protect you business and maximize

The Prime Advantage 1500 is the ultimate workgroup server combining high performance features to maximizing server uptime while making this server affordable to the small business. PrimeTech uses the Intel base processor technology. This workgroup server uses only the highest grade components to maximize uptime. The Prime Advantage 1500 is designed for demanding workgroups and remote/branch sites that need power and reliability that is easy to use.

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