Introducing Affordable, Dedicated, Internet Access From Prime Computer Systems.
If you thought dedicated Internet access for business cost too much, you're right. It did. But not anymore!

If you use the Internet to communicate with emplyees, you    want high speed Internet Access.
If you use the Internet to communicate with vendors, you    need High Speed Internet Access.
If you use the Internet to communicate with customers, you    want CooperNet broadband SDSL Internet Connection.

CooperNet provides high-speed DSL bandwidth that will change the way you use the Internet. And if you believed only huge corporations could afford always-on, dedicated access, PCS is changing the rules! DSL technology makes broadband Internet access affordable for every organization, regardless of size.

About CopperNet Internet Services.
CopperNet Internet Access is a suite of Internet services and connectivity options designed specifically for business applications.

With CopperNet Internet Access your business will receive the services you need to quickly and easily turn the potential of the Internet into a strategic business tool:

     Dedicated High-Speed Internet Connectivity Options          - Speeds ranging from 128Kbps to 2 Mbps
     24X7 Customer Supporrt - CopperNet Internet Access          continues the PCS commitment to industry-leading          Customer Support
     Full Internet Connectivity
     World Wide Web (WWW) Access
     File Transfer Capabilities (FTP)
     Remote Computer Access (Telnet)
     Search Engines (Jeeves, MSN, Yahoo, Goggle)

Get an edge over the increasing business challenges you face. CopperNet Internet Access results in increased productivity, decreased cost, and increased competitivenss.

More CopperNet Internet Access Advantages
CopperNet Internet Access goes beyond simple access and provides customers with the ability to truly utilize the power of the Internet:

     CopperNet Internet Access solution includes hardware and          connectivity --the services a business needs to be up and          running on the internet quickly and easily.
     Competitive pricing and robust connectivity options make          Internet access affordable for all types of businesses, and          provides the ability to easily upgrade service as your          business needs growth.
     With many years of networking experience, PCS proven          telecommunications background offers credibility in a          relatively new Internet market.
     CopperNet Internet Access provides service availability          with a quality network . You'll receive high quality, network          performance, availability and reliability within the PCS          portion of the Internet network.
     With CopperNet Internet Access, PCS continues our          proven track record of unsurpassed 24X7 customer          support.
     A knowledgeable applications-based sales force trained to          understand business needs and apply solutions.
     One stop communications shopping , PCS now offers the          fastest growing communications tools in the global market.

Get the high speed Internet Access you've always wanted, at prices your business can afford.

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